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As with a helmet, gloves must give protection whilst being comfortable, cool in the hot and warm in the cold. They will be worn at all times whilst riding, so must be hard wearing.

Gloves must be both comfortable and practical. Factors to bear in mind are that they will be worn all day long, must keep the hands cool/warm and dry when necessary. Also important is that they are easy to put on and take off, which happens at least 10 times a day! If the inside gets damp, they'll be almost impossible to get back on. Also, in case of loss, a single pair seems unwise!

Pair number 1 are BMW GS Rally gloves. They are perfect as every day riding gloves. Good protection, fairly hard wearing and they dry out if they get wet. They are also well vented. The BMW has heated grips and hand guards, so these gloves should be good for most environments.

14,000 mile update: The gloves are well enough vented for any temperature. The cuffs are a little short, so the rider will get a small patch of exposed wrist and get a little sunburned. One of the gloves wore through on the palm. Despite a disappointing response from BMW warranty (that they will only replace them when I send the others back home), I shall be replacing them with a new pair. I would have hoped BMW to be more proactive given that they are being used as they were designed and they should encourage use of their products for such journeys.

Pair number 2 are waterproof and made by Spidi. Basically, they're an overglove which is waterproof and contains kevlar. Inside, they came with a fleece/synthetic liner, but that was replaced with windstopper liners which are light weight, warm and wind resistant. Having 2-part warm gloves is an excellent idea as they are easy to put on even if the hands sweat.

14,000 mile update: When used in the UK, these were excellent gloves. To date, I have still not worn these, so am sending them home. I shall replace them with a backup pair of light weight gloves (only to be used in case the BMW ones get lost/broken).



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